I'm planning an Idaho hunt for elk and muleys. Hopefully I'll get it all put together and follow through. I've "planning" an out of state hunt since forever and never make it happen. My plan this year is to buy the damn tags early so I can't get vetoed by work or family.

Other than that, planning the same old same old for Washington. Muzzy elk and rifle deer, plus whatever tags I can draw. I have a 1 year old lab that was doing pretty well by the end of duck/goose season (which largely sucked). I plan to train more over the summer with him and hopefully be in good shape come September. One big goal is to do some bird hunting this fall with the mutt.

The biggest problem is not enough time. It's tough to choose between salmon, tuna, birds, big game, out of state, and all the other options. I need to retire but that looks to be about 30 or 40 years out!