My thought to Mr. Herring.

Mr. Herring,

With the forecast below 500 this is sorta expected. That said the use of flows for the Chehalis below South Monte is pure BS. Springers stage up above the South Elma bridge ( mostly above Porter ) and flows have just plain zip to do with anything as unless you have a DO problem the difference in the size of the holding changes is in inches. It is not a issue.

Now hooking mortalities are a real issue and with the small run could have a impact. If you asked Mike he would tell you that impacts in years with a season are minimal. ( 4 or so ) South Elma Bridge down would have solved 99% of the issue instead you chose to drive a nail with a sledge hammer and place a undue burden on trout fishers. Conservation yes but it should be done in a manner that inflicts the least restrictions on the fishers to accomplish the goal.

A little honesty would be helpful but is seldom but as usual was not used.. One could call and bitch you out Chad but I see little reason to think that would be useful. Frankly internally another staffer has been sniping around this issue on the Skook for some time but he really does not come out in the open very often. More of the same, business as usual.


Chehalis River and tributaries to close to fishing
Action: Closes Chehalis River, South Fork Chehalis River, North Fork Newaukum River, South Fork Newaukum River, and Skookumchuck River to fishing.

Effective date: Immediately until further notice.
Species affected: All species.
Location: Chehalis River, South Fork Chehalis River, North Fork Newaukum River, South Fork Newaukum River and Skookumchuck River.

Reason for action: Streams and rivers where spring Chinook hold and stage through the summer are experiencing lower than normal stream flows. Spring Chinook hold and stage in the Chehalis River, South Fork Chehalis River, north and south forks of the Newaukum River and the Skookumchuck River. Low stream flows decrease holding and staging refuges and elevate vulnerability and pressure on these Chinook. Any encounters of spring Chinook could subject these fish to stress, injury, or death.

Additional information: Please see the 2019-20 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet or visit the WDFW website at for additional fishing opportunities and regulations.

Information contact: Chad Herring, Willapa Bay/Grays Harbor Fishery Policy Lead Region 6, 360-249-4628, ext. 299.

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