Good morning, all

The Governor's office has finally made a decision on the two open Commission seats. Molly Linville (Palisades) will be replacing Jay Holzmiller and Jim Anderson (Olympia) will fill the "at-large" seat that was held by Jay Kehne that I had applied for. The new Commissioners bring some knowledge, skills, and abilities to the Commission that could be helpful in the years ahead.

Back in February, when I submitted my application, the information I received was that a decision would be made within a couple of weeks. Then it was going to be made after the Legislative session ended on April 28. Last Friday I was told that a decision would be announced early this week. I found the announcement of the two new Commissioners on the Piscatorial Pursuits website this morning through a posting by Andy Walgamott in the Northwest Sportsman magazine that came out yesterday, July 21. The article provides background information on the new Commissioners.

I wish the Commission and the new Commissioners well. These are trying times for the Commission and the WDFW in all aspects of fish and wildlife management and especially so with endangered species (both fish and wildlife), co-management issues, Federal impacts, and the need for a stable funding base going into the future.

I have been keeping a low profile the past five months waiting for a decision on my application. I will continue to be pushing for better sport fishing opportunities in the years ahead.

I sincerely thank you for your support of my application and your continuing concerns over the past five months about when we would have a full complement of Commissioners to oversee the WDFW.

Dave Croonquist