I have been reading this, and the othr threads, concerning the depletion of native steelhead.

It appears to me the emphasis is only whether to harvest or not, to save the native stock.

Why is no one addressing the allowed logging practices, that are, and have been conducive to the depletion of steelhead and salmon in the PNW.

I read recently that clear cutting has now allowed right up to the river. Why has this been allowed now when that cover is needed for the young fish?

The hills can no longer retain the water, so it runs off as soon as it falls, washing out the redds, flooding the rivers with every freshet.

I started coming out here to fish steelhead in the "70's". The rivers ran clear, even when bank full. Fish all over the place. Then as the hills were being "raped", the rivers became muddy with each freshet, the banks and redds being washed away, and each year, less and less fish in the rivers.

These issues need to be addressed as well, to protect what is left of the native fishes.

Just my 2cents,