Parker pretty well nailed the lid down on this trips report, but, I've been know to beat a dead horse before... wink

Yeah, Rob assembled a pretty good team again this year (I was hoping that he'd get Vanessa on board smile )

... but even though Parker and Canyon Man aint much to look at they are good for a laugh on occasion, Kitsap County's crankiest contractor JBH rounded out the crew and still enjoys his reputation as the hardest working man in the vacation business, don't let him see you getting something done...he'll cork ya' every time. wink

Once again, it was the best King fishing I have seen up there, mooching made easy, even I could do it, Parkers hot hand on day one came to a screeching halt on day two when he announced after catching two (three?) kings that he was, (and I quote) "... the best fisherman that has ever lived in the history of the world" grin Canyon man took a turn with a hot hand on day two and gave Parker some competition by going 7 for 7 with the biggest being 73lbs, officially measured with his patented Canyon Man fish stuff.

Good water means a good day....this is "good water" for our first trip out.

Seattle could learn something about weather from this place...soooo nice! A nice nap on the super smooth 45 minute ride out to the chicken hole set the tone, I like naps.

Nice patch! smirk Parker thought they said 6 foot seas....not 6 inch seas.

rob at his desk in the main office of Prince of Wales Sportfishing...I hate desk jobs.

By the 3rd day things were not quite as nice...but the fishing was still good, Paker put up the vid of our epic battle with that renegade pack of thug sealions, was actually the most fun and memorable battle of the trip, kinda wild with all the yellin' and Rob bangin' on the rail with the gaff trying to scare 'em off all the while getting yanked around by hundreds (thousands) lbs of pure power, was mostly amazed by how they got every piece of usable meat, this is how it came in...I think they left one collar, along with the head and guts, I know some people that eat that stuff wink , but I prefer fillets... they were long gone.

A 3 king yearly limit stifled us a bit on making hogs of ourselves by punching us out early, (I saved one spot for a trip back up in July with my dad and brother hoping for a hogbody kinger), so, we focused on halibuts and scouted out some of the old tried and true spots to see if they were there....they kinda were not, no fatty flatty's for us but we did manage to do our part to control the population of yelloweye and ling and assorted other rockfish.

Crabbin' was damn crabby with the crab regulations being crabbily enforced with a 3 per day limit, lucky that parker don't eat no stinkin' crab or canyon man would have been a hungry boy....I thought I could eat crab, I bow to the crab master.. bow

My first pot was a 7 keeper pull, but...of course you can only keep three and each pot has to be individually named on the float so...4 had to go back.... wink no party crabbin'!

We were going to sell peetey the eagle to a blind kid, but....well, you know....

Pretty standard fishbox from the first few days, we'd pull off some fresh stuff each day and I'd make it hot on the grill....then we'd eat it, it was good.

Craig is a chill little town and this pic kinda catches ..."it" for me...

So, Parker and CM had to bail out on the 10th JBH and I did not.... we took the boat out of the water and fixed some stuff, and built some stuff and drove around the island exploring and eventually wound up on Coffman Cove while the wind and rain beat the holy hell out of everything, interesting island if you take the time to explore it...worth a day off from the grind just for that, we had one more day to fish after that and decided to brave the elements to fish just one more spot, rob was looking for a place to hide from the evil seas as SalmonHawk Tobeck and his crew were coming in the next day and the storm was looking like it had some staying power, we headed out early and were surprised that it was pretty flat.....for a while anyway, we got to our spot and hooked 'em up for the drop...guts in as per the jedi master Neal M

Dropped right into this...

Pretty cool watching all the gadgets gizmos and widgets on Robbos dashboard....he's got the "good stuff"

...then, the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed, if not for the spirit of the fearless crew the Polar Bear would be lost...the Polar Bear would be lost.

In other words...we went on in.

...'nuther best trip ever!

....I'll be back.
Go hard, or..... go home

soremouth the works...