The credit for the website videos goes to Tim the site administrator. I am the gopher / teacher / traffic cop here as I lack the skills to do the videos. Good match really as I have 30 years around fish and the agency and some of the team have even more. The thing about it is this. I am in this for one reason, to break the continuing institutionalized discrimination of WDF&W toward the inland communities and inriver sports fisher. Hopefully in the process help the fish.

Agree or disagree to our views but I think we all can agree on this, the destruction of the resource for the benefit of 22 gillnetters and denying the tax paying citizens of the inland Chehalis Basin communities reasonable access to salmon harvest must end. The failure to allow additional fish to reach spawning areas to utilize revitalized, under seeded, restored habitat must end. The destruction of one species to harvest another must end. Simply put " the Big Lie " that WDF&W manages for anything but commercial harvest must end. It is " game on ".

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