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I am in this for one reason, to break the continuing institutionalized discrimination of WDF&W toward the inland communities and inriver sports fisher. Hopefully in the process help the fish.

Just to give folks an idea of how bad the upriver guy got screwed on the Chehalis, just look at the creel counts from Cosi, Monte, and Fuller....

Cosi - 9 days creeled averaging 1 king and 13 coho for 16 boats per day.... thats about 0.06 kings per boat and 0.81 coho per boat.

Monte - 11 days creeled averaging 0.91 king and 16.5 coho for 32 boats per day.... that's about 0.03 king per boat and 0.52 coho per boat

Fuller - ONE glory day creeled (so take it for what it's worth)... 3 kings and 89 coho for 46 boats. That's about 0.06 king per boat and 1.9 coho per boat.

Let's just say the bay guys did a "little" better.
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