At last WDF&W Region 6 ( R-6 ) has put the CR 102 Supplemental for the Non Treaty Commercial Nets ( NT ) for Grays Harbor in play and here is the link to take a look at it. As outlined at the March 29th North of Falcon ( NOF ) by R -6 Fish Program Manager Ron Warren at the meeting in Olympia it is seven days on the Chehalis with tangle nets. To achieve this the Humptulips 2 C is not targeted because that fishery would harvest a substantial number of Chehalis bound Chinook but as last year the Quinault Nations ( QIN ) commercial fishery will in all likelihood pick up the slack.

So simple terms what does this mean to the inriver sport fishery and the fish. Now not knowing the QIN's netting schedule for the 2013 one can only make a educated guess that with the similar run size to 2012 it will closely resemble the 2012 effort. So folks you should see nets of one kind or another in the Chehalis six to seven days a week for the entire month of October. Which means the inriver sport is getting paper fish just as the last four years but real opportunity is not there because the fish will be killed at the 101 bridge in Aberdeen. The same old inept and corrupt management of Region 6 marches on!!!

So what to do? Well to start you can object to the CR 102 Supplemental by e-mailing your comments opposing this horrific giveaway to the commercial fishery to and urge others to do the same. Fishing The Chehalis will begin a in depth review of the CR 102 Supplemental after the Forth of July holiday so more to come to be sure!

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