The Chum thing is amazing and I will use Grays Harbor but Willapa is similar but I do not know the details as well. So in Grays Harbor they take three locations on the East Fork Satsop ( near Simpson 1, Cramer's Spawning Channel, and on Decker Creek ) and Stevens Creek on the Hump, add them up and then extrapolate basin wide. First Stevens Creek is the best Chum stream on the Hump and the three reaches of the Satsop are influenced by 300k to 500k of Chum released ( broodstocked parents ) that come back and spawn with the natural origin adults.

Now the purpose of the program was to rebuild the Satsop Chum which has happened but by utilizing spawning numbers heavily influenced by the hatchery Chum it results in a inappropriate break out of the number of harvestable adults resulting a steady destruction of Chum stocks above Satsop in the Chehalis and upper tributaries. The reason is simple in that upper basin Chum do not reproduce at the same rate as lower basin Chum. So they are quite willing to write off and exterminate native Chum stocks from 1/3 of the Chehalis Basin. That simple yet complex. The thing is commercial fisheries, be it tribal or non treaty, once established you play hell getting those things reformed. It usually follows the pattern of they are not there anymore kill em all, they were never there, ( when bounced and shown pictures you usually get " oh before my time" ) or to few remain to worry about and it is a real shame that happened. Oh did I mention that WDF&W WAS in charge then to? I do believe the words used are ZERO accountability with Region 6 District 17 staff past & PRESENT!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in