The link below is to the WDFW rule making page on their website. Always interesting this time around it is even more so and not the CR 103 ( CR 101 starts / CR 102 puts forth a proposal / CR 103 finishes it up with modifications ) but rather the CES. ( Concise Explanatory Statement ) The CES is the legal response to citizen comments and this time around it is not the C&P crap but rather a 41 page item by item response. Now if one does not care to take the time to read it don't but I would urge you to if you fish Willapa or Grays Harbor. This CES was done by the agencies attorney or someone with one hell of a legal mind and as you have the gillnetters threatening to sue if they do not get a wide kill em all fishery on one side and the Advocacy at them on the otherside over the complete collapse and failure of the infamous Willapa Management Plan and the continued destruction of native stocks. Keep in mind the CES has a lot of well thought out information right along with some things that are totally misrepresented followed closely by utter fabrication.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in