Forgive the formatting & typos but this post is the notes of a preseason meeting between WDFW and the QIN. A bit brief to be sure but you can get the jest of what QIN staff positions are.


QIN – Ed, Junior, Tyler, Jim
Quinault– all the –ations, upper Quinault, sockeye. impacts from logging and farming.
Queets – un-employment.
Climate and changing climate issues concern us; building capacity to better.
Need to ensure that the fish prosper to ensure that our communities prosper.
Forecast wild chinook 3,575 878 indicators
Coho 1408 – 8,465W 10,338H
Wk 36-40 5d/wk, 41-2, 42-1, 43-2 (large mesh wk 42-43) 47 – 2, 2, 50-5d/week
Sport 6% chinook, 5% on coho
Esc. 2,169 W Chin 593 ind. (2,762T); coho 5,846W; 5,247H
Meet escapement goals for Chinook and coho
39, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1, 2, 5, 5
39, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5
Week Chehalis Humptulips
39 2 0 4
40 3 0 3
41 4 0 3
42 4 0 3
43 2 2 3
44 2 3 1
45 1 3 2
46 2 2 3 2
47 5 0 5 3
48 5 0 5 2

4-5-2104 - Ed, Reggie, Junior, Tyler, Jim – Steve, Kirt, Chad

EJ - Uncomfortable about modeling these fisheries – general concern about escapement; we are well aware. Without Hoh v Baldrige. QTA had all pursued that. Backbone of river by river, run by run. Implemented by PFMC and PST.
Dealt with habitat, sometimes you don’t get to fish, we have experienced that. Three stock that have aligned and we brought our request of how to is it. Looks like, with what we have laid on the table that we are in good shape – always aware of escapement and on the mark.
ST – yesterday with our constituents – concern for escapement; conservative and error on the sides of the fish. Low chinook escapements, low numbers of wild coho.
EJ – don’t see the concern in the ocean. The state has yet to move off of your high number. Good shape compared to elsewhere. Cannot help that you’re being lead down this pristine path about conservation. What other tools are being offered to use?
ST – taking significant action to meet the needs of the fish. Marching orders.
EJ – Marching orders are not correct – sector allocation, has nothing to do with us. Conservation concern is unwarranted. Been in the game a long time, you have managed that system for hatchery production. MSF comes along and now there is a concern. Habitat loss, mitigated with hatchery fish. Given history and looks to me like now we are meeting the criteria. Precision, reason and benefit of HR management. We are a lot better at it today than years ago. Crazies finding Grays Harbor, dam in the upper Chehalis, fecal coliform, etc., Public Policy is mis-guided.
[Quinault Beach Resort?]
Reggie – Ocean, monitoring, in-season…
EJ – caucus
Modeling – ocean option (1408) wondering where we are going. Comfort at low TD and fishing below the goal. We are proposing fisheries that keep is above the goal.
We desire having an agreement.
GH POLICY discussion – Phil, Ron, Steve, Chadwick, Kirt – Ed, Reggie, Junior, Tyler, Jim
EJ – Comfort level of escapement, conservation creeps in to the conversation. FWC policy, staff has read, interoperating the inputs of our staff – we make objectives. We are in good shape. Our outcomes do not raise issues, to us it is a perpetuation of life styles, and for many these fisheries are their living; what even they got to do to survive. We are all about better data, more data, more precise. Steve has done a good job of representing what he has been instructed to do. Where are we at?

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