The link is to Mr. Appleby's presentation to the Commission on the AHA model. and it is at the 11:15 mark you will find the PDF presentation on the AHA model. If you have not been at all the meetings on the Willapa Management Plan it is likely to be a bit confusing but Andy did a descent job.

I do not have Region 6's Steve Theisfeld presentation to the Commission or the actual model runs on the options developed thus far but I have asked for those documents and as soon as I get them I will forward them.

So the Commission as to Willapa. It was a good hearing to be sure. For those like myself who have been around this type of thing for years it lacked detail to be sure. That said for many it was rather helpful and clearly showed that much needs to be done. Coho and Chum have yet to be modeled and the Chinook modeling produced results that startled many as to the cause and effect as to harvest of changing the primary stream for Naselle to Willapa. Also how the limitations on harvest could, should, would manifest itself.

So a work in progress & more as soon as I get it.

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