Loosing the formatting but I will try to get some additional information up later. The bit below is the stream designation that was in one Willapa AHA Option. Now they changed stream designations some to a huge move depending on the hatchery production for harvest that the agency was attempting to get out of a AHA model run.

Basin Chinook Coho
Population Designation Program Type HSRG Requirements Population Designation Program Type HSRG Requirements

North/Smith Contributing
-- --
Willapa Primary Integrated PNI >0.67; pHOS <30% Primary Integrated PNI >0.67; pHOS <30%

Palix Stabilizing -- -- Contributing -- --

Nemah N/A Segregated Current Condition Contributing Integrated PNI >0.50; pHOS <30%

Naselle Stabilizing Segregated Current Condition Stabilizing Integrated Current Condition

Bear Stabilizing -- -- Contributing -- --

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