Anyone real familiar with this bit we found in the Dept's appropriation bill introduced by the Governor? It does shed light on why the commercial driven interest have been opposing every attempt to reform WDF&W's hatchery programs to HSRG standards.

(4) Prior to submitting its 2017-2019 biennial operating and capital budget requests related to state fish hatcheries to the office of financial management, the department shall contract with the hatchery scientific review group (HSRG) to review the proposed requests. This review shall: (a) Determine if the proposed requests are consistent with HSRG recommendations; (b) prioritize the components of the requests based on their contributions to protecting wild salmonid stocks and meeting the recommendations of the HSRG; and (c) evaluate whether the proposed requests are being made in the most cost effective manner. The department shall provide a copy of the HSRG review to the office of financial management with its agency budget proposal.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in