Back to Grays Harbor. This is proposal for a two pole endorsement for a portion of the Chehalis River. Now before someone's panties get in a knot it is best to remember we have no conservation issue on the Chehalis this year. Also as stated in the proposal commercials have pointed out consistently the Rec inriver cannot catch their share. The Rec response is you keep limiting our ability to harvest our share by restricting our harvest. This is a effort to move the ability to access the inriver share of the harvest.

I cannot tell anyone the impact projection as twice I have asked for the harvest model and have yet to have it provided. This is a issue and I will ask again tomorrow. Additionally my request to input the proposal in the model has been ignored and this I will also put tp R6 staff tomorrow.

Proposal For Two Pole Endorsement For The Chehalis River

PROPOSAL: To allow two poles per angler when fishing from a boat in the Chehalis River from South Elma Bridge to Highway 101 Bridge in Aberdeen.

RATIONAL: In many meetings agency staff have identified that the inriver recreational fishery has limited ability to get substantially more catch. This is primarily due to restrictions placed upon the inriver recreational fisher that limit harvest success. The use of two poles simply allows for the presentation of different tackle enabling the fisher to identify "what is working" with greater success. Additionally when fishing from a boat salmon track differently depending on conditions and at times it can be just a few feet. Two poles allows the fisher to cover more water thus increasing the potential of finding the route salmon are traveling in the river with greater success.


ENFORCEMENT ISSUES: None exist as two poles can clearly be seen and any issues would be addressed at the same time a Enforcement Officer checked for a fishers license, barbless hook, limit violations, or any other issue an Enforcement Officer may encounter.

1. In general, two-pole fishing is not allowed in saltwater, or in rivers, streams and beaver ponds. However, WDFW is always evaluating areas and times when surplus fish may be available for harvest and the two-pole option could be allowed.

2. Two-Pole Endorsement: This endorsement allows you to use two fishing poles on most freshwater lakes, ponds, a few sections of certain rivers, and a few marine areas. You must have a fishing license in addition to the endorsement.

There are about 145 lakes where you can NOT use two poles; visit to see the list of lakes where a Two-Pole Endorsement is not valid, or look for this icon NO next to the lake listings. You can NOT use two poles in most rivers and marine areas. See individual stream and marine area listings for information where you can use two poles. Not required on Free Fishing Weekend.

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