The top-end chinook thresholds for the commercial sliding scales (Hump 4K and Chehalis 25K ) were set based on the OLD chinook goals (2.2K and 12.4K respectively). Do they still make sense in the setting of the NEW goals of 3.6K and 9.9K?

I think the obvious answer is NO! esp for Hump where 110% of goal is now just a handful shy of 4K. The precise numbers are 3982 (110% of goal) and 4070 (top end of sliding scale)Ö. thatís less than 100 fish to slide from 1.2% impact to 5.4% harvest. Mission impossible?

Conceptually, the top end was predicated on LARGE run sizes (defined as >182% of goal). 182% of old goal (2236) = 4070. To stay true to the policy's conceptual intent, the top-end Hump threshold should be increased to 6588 wild chinook.
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