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WDFW, this is unacceptable! there are handicapped and elderly people who fish there because it is the only place they can get to easily. These non tribal gillnetters need their umbilical welfare lifeline cut, and right now. Just [Bleeeeep!] get it over with for crying out loud. Enough manipulations. JUST SAY NO TO IN-RIVER GILL NETTING!

WDFW does not hear this....2A, in river, is the one of the very favorite netting area to some of the "favorite gill netters".....this has been approached many, many, many, many, times over the past few years.

All the past WDFW Region 6 "upper personnel" have refused to listen to any approach to 2A as the area of the Chehalis River that should be small boat and handicapped fisherpersons over NT gill netting.
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