Question is.......What happens if they start netting 9/27, at noon, and there are lots of Chinook in the catch?????

Wondering if the schedule would again be adjusted????? Just wondering....

Keep in mind on the state side we are in the 3/5 penalty box for failure to make Chinook escapement in recent years. So after that I was told that the QIN got nearly double their modeled take on Chinook in week 38 two day set. This week (wk 39) when pulled they were modeled at 2784 and that is the prime Chinook week. This coming week the modeled impacts are 1317 and for the entire season the QIN Chinook harvest is 8917. (Chehalis H+W)

So whats up? Gut check time.............it looks like Chinook are at forecast runsize or larger. I think larger. Now Coho that is different. I have not caught a Coho ( in tidewater ) with scales set yet. Bright, straight out of the ocean moving upstream slowly ( no floating back ) and not biting normally. Coho appear to be short in the numbers game. In fact the QIN were modeled at 10k for this point in time with 15k at the end of this week. So we are about to hit the prime two week Coho window and that will tell everyone, something. Modeled at around 15k Coho for the next two weeks ( before getting back the lost days last week ) this should be interesting. I do not think they are there.

As to Willapa the NT nets are having trouble not blowing natural Chinook numbers apart AND NO COHO SHOWING. No public meetings but rather conference call time with advisers. A couple of Willapa Advisers hang around here so they can fill in the blanks if they choose to. So the agency appears to be sticking to conservation objectives. Then the 800 lb gorilla, NO COHO! Same as GH.

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