A little more information. WDF&W posted the first week QIN harvest numbers. Chinook were modeled at 1628 and they got 3078. Coho modeled at 2321 and they got 556. Keeping in mind they pulled in week 39 it might come back in line with predicted impacts, might being the key word. Week 40 has yet to be posted so we wait but for those who have been keeping tabs on Coho it appears that the 25 to 30% estimate ( actual 24% harvested ) of Coho runsize forecast is still moving forward. Nothing to do but wait but frankly if the pattern holds R-6 will have one hell of a decision to make as between Rec & QIN harvest not much will be available for NT Nets. Interesting to watch this play out.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in