I think someone posted they would like to see the reply to one of the ditty's I threw out so here it is.

Hi K--,

We currently arenít expecting to meet escapement goal for wild coho in either the Humptulips Basin nor the Chehalis Basin. We tried to craft fisheries that would minimize impacts to wild stock while allowing access to hatchery coho. We also tried to craft fisheries that would be defensible in court as the Quinault Nation policy representative has indicated they would challenge these fisheries under US vs. Washington.

As to the bridge in question, it is below the state wildlife area. Iíve attached a map that will hopefully be of some help.

Also the actual date of the Region 6 reached out to the QIN Policy Level folks was October 22. Keep in mind the agency & QIN technical staff were communicating prior. In fact the QIN spreadsheet was needed to do a reboot on the preseason forecast as WDF&W's could not get the job done.

Hi --,

We have been looking at catch data to see if there is some information that might help us assess actual run-size of Chehalis Basin coho. There appears to be a fairly strong relationship between QIN catch per landing through week 42 and combined hatchery and wild run size. I believe it would be beneficial for state and tribal technical staff to review the relationship and offer some thoughts about what it might be telling us. Iíve attached a file showing that data and relationship.

Second, if technical staff find that there is merit in the relationship, or in any other data they may have, I think it might be worthwhile for us to engage in some discussion as early as possible. I would appreciate your consideration of the data and a potential discussion. If you are amenable to a call, is there a time that would work best for you?

Thank you.

Steve Thiesfeld
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