Sucks being a jetboat owner, pretty much "high and dry".

Definite bais in how the opening were set on the Wishkah, Satsop, Humptulips......and NO FISHING in the Chehalis.

1. If you want to protect Humptulips, wild Coho......and you should, 20+ years of NOT making escapement.......No fishing above Reynvans, would have allowed a big saftey zone.

2. Satsop.........NO FISHING above West Fork, would sure do the protection bit.

3. Wynoochee River, completely closed??????? WDFW and othes, can't sit down at the table and get a plan to start spendiing the Tacoma City Light $2.4+ million to put the migation Coho and Steelhead in the river. 22+ years the money has been there......not 1 fish raised from those funds.

Most of the Coho, that now reach the trap, are trucked above the lake, what a waste of a resource.

4. Chehalis definite bias toward power boats......enough said!!!!

5. Wishkah......what is open now should have been the closed area....if protection of weak stocks was the main goal.

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