With Fawn Sharp and the Qin's it's all smoke and mirrors, two years ago they close down lake Quinualt to fishing, Saying it was theirs. If you look today at the Tribel news letter on their web site, she just returned from DC petitioning congress for ownership of Lake Quinualt. So how two years ago did they close it to the non tribel fishers, when they did not own it.
Now she sends a letter to K5 news and claims little to know impact on wild Coho since they started netting thier Steelhead season Wk 48. She claims the economic loss to the members to not net would be severe,
Last year this week they netted in excess of 500 Coho and 9 Steelhead it was worse last week and the week before and stay about the same until about 18 Dec...... How do 9 Steelhead cause severe economic crises. Smoke and mirrors