I was also at the meeting......lots of good comments. Approach is the same as its been "forever". Started with 2C, then went to Humptulips, mentioned the Coho run that hasn't made escapement in 20+ years but NO SOLUTION as to how to deal with that problem, just how to get as much fishing time as possible.

Chehalis side, 2A and 2C, limited Coho.......not really sure many people know "what upper Chehalis is". Time to deal with the Chehalis above Porter/Centralia/Adna/Doty, so they can share in a fishery and do the #1 goal of the Commission, CONSERVATION 1st.

Creative methods will be called for......different approach....do I have an answer???? No, but I see the a problem.

Perhaps it was a over sight but didn't see many of the jet boat guides at the meeting last night.

NOF will be interesting in 2016......Coho in the crapper, again!!!!!
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