LH buzzed my e mail with this bit below.

I was reading your message on Piscatorial Pursuits this morning about retaining jacks. For the Satsop, the pamphlet says for salmon "Daily limit 6. Only 1 adult may be retained. Release wild ADULT Chinook and Wild coho". I interpret this to mean (On the Satsop) that you can keep wild jack Chinook. But for coho, You cannot keep any wild coho whether they are adults or jacks. It says release "wild coho". Not "wild adult coho". That is how I read it. It would be nice to get a clarification from WDFW. Thanks.

My response: Mike is out until the 29th. Now you got me but unless it was a outlier year I have not seen release jacks. In all the conversation on seasons NEVER did release jacks come up in the discussion that I recall. I think we are all reading things in.

Now with all that I guess I am warming to the conclusion it was not written clearly for all. For me it is easy but I was at all the meeting which makes a big difference to be sure. Bottom line it was all modeled for the traditional jack fishery in East County. Springers were the main concern so the start backed up a bit and was was built around getting the Springers up past. That's all I got folks!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in