CM it is the Bill Z answer, yes / no / what the hell? This something that Doc and others might want to do.

Hi Everyone, The reason for my email is to find out if there is anyone that will be fishing the Willapa Bay marine area 2.1 in August and/or early September more than just one time.

Iím looking for volunteers (about 15 people) who would agree to take genetic samples (caudal fin clip) from unmarked Chinook (which are required to be released this fall) while fishing the Willapa Bay marine area 2.1in August and/or early September. Iím looking for volunteers who may go fishing in Willapa Bay a few times during this six week period.

We need more data on the recreational fishery that occurs in the Willapa Bay marine area and its stock composition during that time.

Safe handling rules would apply. The fish would not need to be taken fully out of the water in order to retrieve a caudal fin clip.

We do have a limited creel program sampling the marine fishery but since the unmarked Chinook are required to be released we wonít have access to those fish at the dock.

I will provide everything you will need. Iím just looking for volunteers to help.

If you are interested, please send me an email or contact me via my cell phone, #360.470.3459.
If you know anyone who might be interested and you feel they would make sure to follow the safe handing techniques, please give them my cell phone number and ask them to contact me.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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