Rain forecast looks pretty good, the closer you get to the coast. I guess that won't do much to spike overall streamflow around the basin, but it should cool down the tidal transition areas a few degrees, which should get fish moving... we hope.

I was off work last week, and I took a few quick trips down to what I believe are DrifterWA's usual haunts to see what was happening, and my impressions match what he said. Warm water, goo all over the river bottom, and (the kicker) VERY few signs of salmon, adult or otherwise. No bank anglers tells the story well; most years, there are a handful of guys down there working a traveling lane for jacks (and the occasional adult), but I've only seen one or two people venture out there, which tells me there's not been much reason to do so.

I also checked out a couple coastal rivers yesterday, and there didn't appear to be any fish around. I think that's about to change. Let's hope so.