Damn Doc we need more holidays so you can dumpster dive for facts! Good job guy. In this whole mess we have one saving grace. The Alaska & BC marine fisheries are mostly mixed stock and most is lower 48 bound fish which includes PS bound. Now this is soooooo bad in so many ways but the the saving grace part? Killer whales in PS as they have become dependent on PS Chinook to survive and the data is piling up as numbers spiral down. Sooner or later a judge is going to drop the hammer to stop the whale losses from nutrition then all hell breaks loose. PS your going to take the 10 count but for the coast of WA & OR it is the only thing that will force a change as noway nohow the managers stones to do so be it tribal, state, or Fed. It will take a decade or more to just undo the mess Mr. Anderson left and he still in the mix making a mess out of things. Again it will only stop when things get bad enough to force the courts hand. Sad but true.

Hey CM the changes in whales diet cause & effect?
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in