Run size is an interesting term that may lead the reader to think it represents the number of fish in the run. The data eyeFISH shows clearly states that it is the harvest plus escapement. The older data is only the non tribal gill net harvest plus escapement. In this case it is shown as 78,901 in the late 1980's and 70,670 in the teen years.

There are a lot of fish that are not considered to be part of the run size. In the 1980's data there is no release mortality, no net drop out, no drop off, no pinniped harvest, and no ocean harvest. The data for the teen years also ignores tribal and recreational harvest. These missing fish could easily amount to another 30,000 actual fish produced by the 22,650 fish escapement.

A couple of years ago when 2-3% net drop out was added to the model, all the historic run sizes had to be increased.