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RW needs to be fired.

Pretty "interesting" that he has risen up the ranks to become the TOP fish manager in the state.

Don't be too surprised if he becomes the new Director of the whole shootin' match!

Kee-rist, that just proves it's not what you know it's how long you've been there. It will be a sad fukin day if that happens.

I think this is where we are at unfortunately.
The Commission has stated they will not use a outside firm to hire the director after the last debacle. They also have mentioned the internal candidates a lot, and having someone familiar with the situation.
Joe Stohr has already talked about running for Director. He will handle north of falcon, and many fishing issues before the next director is chosen.
This is where Ron Warren will come in, experienced but not responsible for anything.
The commission will be choosing among which dirty diaper smells freshest.