To be fair, there are an awful lot of very good, hard working people within the DFW. Truth be known, they probably are not at all happy with the way the current (and past) senior leadership has tarnished the department. Of course, as in any organization, there are those who emulate the conduct and persona of the leadership. Imagine knowing your boss has intentionally lied to cover up something. It leaves you with two choices, right? I believe the culture of elitism and obfuscation which the senior leadership at the department has systemized has a great deal to do with the current issues the department now faces. If the department was any other private corporation, the senior leadership would of been asked to resign.

By condoning the actions of Ron and others, we give them permission to continue..... And now there's some discussion of promoting one to Director? Is this madness?
"Forgiveness is between them and God. My job is to arrange the meeting."

1Sgt U.S. Army (Ret)