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As for fishing the south bay, I'm in, but it seems like a windmill to me.

Over the past decade, I've spent decent chunks of 4 tides south of the ledbetter/goose point line with no fish to show for it. That said its a big area, but many areas are unfishable due to high currents and bad weeds though. The weeds can be unreal even by WB standards. Maybe there are good pockets to fish, but I don't think there is anything like the 2T/2U stretch in the south bay.

In the past decade, I've spent MANY more than 4 tides in the 2T/2U area WITHOUT a fish to show for it.

I've ventured south only one time since 2005. Pretty certain I wasn't below Leadbetter. Just started trolling south along the east shelf once I found deep water... not sure if I was actually in the main Nahcotta or more likely in the smaller channel leading to the Palix.

All I remember was catching a ton of LARGE dogfish.... and later being surrounded by a pack of 35-40 harbor seals following the ONLY boat in that zone. Couldn't have devoted any more than 2-3 hours to that venture.


Look.... there's still gonna be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7 million PLUS chinook released into WB. By design, the policy has significantly constrained the comm fleets ability to access chinook. It's not difficult to imagine eventually getting sport gear somewhere in front of the migratory path of all those kings and not have good things happen. They don't just disappear into some black hole. Where there's a will, there's a way.
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