That's a really sad conclusion to a very poor decision.

If I even remotely think I'll run into any trouble of any kind whatsoever, I have my weapon at the ready 24/7. I've previously shared with the board that I've had a scrape with an extremely pushy and agitated black bear while I was unarmed before...and now I just don't play. Especially in Griz country.

This mistake is on the guide. There should have been a minimum of 2 rifles and 2 hand-cannons locked, loaded and at the ready. Preferably a third set of eyes to look out and oversee the guys doing the dirty ground work. Just bad thinking....poor fella.

Edit and PS: I've told Todd this, but at our secret Chanterelle spot I stumbled upon a freshly killed and semi-buried BT yearling that had just been chewed on (blood was still wet). Hair on the back of my neck stood straight up; hand went on my weapon and I noped the heck outta there. When in doubt, back off. No Elk or mushroom is worth it.

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