Having both the 6.8mm /spc, and the 6.5 Grendel and being fortunate to have taken a few deer with both, either one is a great little deer cartridge when used with common sense and knowing limitations of range and game taken with either one.

I slightly prefer one over the other but not for either one’s game taking limitations although, anecdotal evidence for us seems to show one has a bit better bang flop one shot knockdown capability at similar ranges used. The same cartridge comparison also has one round that sounds off better on steel plates, with a bit more lift and wangle on the plates at ranges from 50 thru 400 yards, our semi-self imposed game taking limits. Both will get out there aways accurately beyond that with ease, but not for our taking of big deer.

Like Mr. Bart says, the 6.8spc with a Barnes 95 TTSX loaded up a bit, really likes deer a lot, and out to 300 - 350 yds. for us with ease. If the shot was offered and taken proper, the little 6.8mm made one almost think ya just hit the deer with a very well placed .270win. Shot !

The Hornady 100 GMX and Hornady SST have worked out nicely as well...

One side note. Danger, danger Will Robinson - If you choose to own and hunt with both cartridges in your camp, really check which boolits you have just put in your hunting coat before loading in the gun. They are so very similar, itz eazy to mix them up !!!

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