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#1010889 - 06/22/19 10:04 PM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
Capt Downriggin' Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 05/18/05
Posts: 303
Loc: Rogue River
I was done three years ago... Sold everything and headed to California to be closer to family for a wee bit. Saved a ton of money and now we live on the banks of the Rogue River....

I don't miss Washington at all!

#1010904 - 06/23/19 09:10 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
Carcassman Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 11/21/07
Posts: 5651
Loc: Olema,California,Planet Earth
It's funny/interesting that many of us will leave "here" for "there" while another, for the same reasons, moves from "there" to "here". When I came to WA for school I thought that I had moved to a hunting and fishing paradise. It was certainly better hunting. Probably still is, but that is getting harder. Turns out that the fishing I truly prefer just isn't as well-offered here.

Should add, too, that moving caused significant loss of family connections. Don't regret that (much), but did miss a lot.

Enjoy where you are.

#1011031 - 06/26/19 11:47 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
Swifty27 Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 08/21/13
Posts: 385
Loc: Tri-Cities, WA
Welcome to the east side (I'm down in Tri-Cities). If you get bored, drag the boat down to Rock Lake, the Reach, or hit up the Snake.

I daydream of salmon fishing when I'm walking along the Spokane River. It would be amazing to fish them at Bowl & Pitcher.

#1011288 - 07/03/19 08:58 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
Idaho Mike Offline

Registered: 01/01/03
Posts: 2191
Loc: Post Falls Idaho
Congrats on the move. We left the crazy West side of Washington behind and moved to Northern Idaho when we retired 9 years ago and have absolutely no regrets. Its truly a sportsman's paradise. Only problem now is that a lot of other people from Western Washington are making the move over here too, so traffic is starting to become an issue, but still nothing compared to the Seattle area. I still do some part time contract work in the Seattle area and every time I go over there I thank God we live here now.
"90% of Life is just showing up and doing the work". Tred Barta Sr.

#1019036 - 12/19/19 09:28 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
ondarvr Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 1167
Loc: Spokane WA

If the Sky ever opens to fishing again, and you happen to float it, you値l see everything at my old place is gone.

They値l probably start replanting native trees soon.

20 years ago when I moved there the fishing was great, I never had to leave my front yard to catch steelhead, kings, coho, chums, pinks, the occasional Atlantic salmon and other stuff. The fishing had been better in prior years, but there were still enough in the river that 田atching was the norm. I had lived close and had been fishing the river for 30 years prior to moving there, so I had a good idea of what it could be, a river that had fish in it every month of the year, some months the river was overflowing with them.

The decline since then has been amazing, living on the river I was a witness to the changes on a daily basis. It was hard to imagine that it has declined significantly more even in the short period of time since I moved.

That decline is what made it easier to move, well, that and the increasing traffic plus rain.

I致e just begun to tap into the fisheries over here, but the opportunities (not a great word, lots of baggage associated with it) are vast, it will take many years to experience each one. And that痴 just on Lake Roosevelt and the Spokane river arm that I live on.

"You may live ondarvr but that doesn't mean you owndarvr." - Fish Prince

#1019047 - 12/19/19 11:17 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
eyeFISH Offline
Ornamental Rice Bowl

Registered: 11/24/03
Posts: 12485
Steelhead are on the slow but steady exit out of existence. Hatcheries chronically struggling to even make meager broodstock goals, let alone providing any harvest opportunity. What's the point?

Wild steelhead in the last "strongholds" of the north coast continue a downward trajectory as well... for as long as this board has been in existence and hammering away at that undeniable fact.

Old habits die hard. Some still believe harvest does NOT matter. Funny how not a single stock of steelhead in western WA has ever been harvested back to recovery.

Time for the co-managers to step up to the plate. Unless of course they are content to net the last one.
"Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." (Zane Grey)

"If you don't kill them, they will spawn." (Carcassman)

The Keen Eye MD
Long Live the Kings!

#1019062 - 12/19/19 02:24 PM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
snit Offline
Three Time Spawner

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 1569
Loc: Wenatchee, WA
That's crazy about your old place! In a couple more years the boy will be gone so we're thinking of bugging out of the Wenatchee area. You can't stop change, and with all the new implants, it's just not the town that we're used to. The nice thing is that the property values have tripled in 20 years.

I made 1 trip to the Ocean in 2019, and I fished the Columbia locally for summer kings once (Brewster opener, what a [Bleeeeep!] show!) Tremendous action but the dumbest display of humans I've ever seen I believe), otherwise I was fishing where most humans weren't...that's the problem IMO. Too many phuggin humans!!!
..."the clock looked at me just like the devil in disguise"...

#1019169 - 12/20/19 09:52 AM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
GodLovesUgly Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 04/20/09
Posts: 1208
Loc: WaRshington
I have a ton of family over in your neck of the wood. It is a truly magical place. I grew up fishing Roosevelt from Kettle to Keller with my grandfather, in fact he's the one who got me hooked, long before I even knew the tug of a silver bullet!

If I were you and I lived so close, I would be making routine patronages to Pend Oreille!

Hopefully winter isn't too hard on you guys this year. I know it can get pretty rugged!
When I grow up I want to be,
One of the harvesters of the sea.
I think before my days are done,
I want to be a fisherman.

#1019345 - 12/27/19 06:30 PM Re: I知 done [Re: ondarvr]
ondarvr Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 1167
Loc: Spokane WA
There is a change on the Sky.

The island right above my old place was cut in two during the last high water.

I wouldn稚 doubt if this becomes the main channel in a few years.

The main flow has been moving away from the beach at two bit for years, so more water has been flowing down the side channel. Now that it blew through the island it should take a good deal of the flood pressure off my old property.

Maybe I sold out too soon.

We always knew it would blow through, but we didn稚 know if our property would survive long enough to see it happen.
"You may live ondarvr but that doesn't mean you owndarvr." - Fish Prince

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