I'm flying into Anchorage for the first time on June 23, and I'm wondering what some of the hot fisheries are for a budgeting native Northwestern. I grew up in Eastern Oregon, and I have the utmost respect for your region and conservation. When I was six, we saw a group of farmers, fish and game, and hunters surrounding a roadside sage field. Apparently a tourist hunter from Connecticut had shot one of the locals free-range livestock and was in some deep #%#T! People can be idiots, and you always hear stories, but this is true. I know you guys see people from all over the world, and I'm sure summertime can be a real source of pain and amusement.

I'm interested in any hot sea-run fisheries between Anchorage and Homer during that period through July 4, and any promising large trout prospects accessible by car/rv on the fly rod. I'd sure like to support local lodges and guides, I just don't know how much of a budget I will have with three toddlers.

Thanks, Harold.
The life of a fisherman is always intense.