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#264837 - 12/25/04 08:12 PM Cow or Nooch reports?
free time Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 145
Loc: grocery clerk
Im wanting to take my 13' sled out tomarrow. and lookin for a report on both rivers. Can Anybody help. thanks . merry christmas!

#264838 - 12/26/04 03:13 AM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
eyeFISH Offline
Ornamental Rice Bowl

Registered: 11/24/03
Posts: 12556
Did not fish Christmas Day, but was out the day before. My 4th venture in a week's time. Saw two sleds, and drifted eggs in the vicinity of 9 plunkers. No fish, zip zero, nada. One plunker had a bite shortly before I got there. An old-timer I know has been out 7 days straight without a bite.

Been on quite a drought for my week off. As Parquito would say, "Opher four" for me. Hard for me to believe that someone out there isn't getting a few. Somebody fess up!
"Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." (Zane Grey)

"If you don't kill them, they will spawn." (Carcassman)

The Keen Eye MD
Long Live the Kings!

#264839 - 12/26/04 03:21 AM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
OPfisher Offline
The Golden Boy

Registered: 12/12/04
Posts: 1506
Loc: wa/ak
its just been that dead If the nets come out then there might be a few more
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#264840 - 12/26/04 06:59 PM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
Harbor-Hog Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 09/24/04
Posts: 139
Loc: Aberdeen, Wa
I fished the Nooch this morning. Didn't get up real early and am darn glad I didn't. I was just going to put in at Black creek and fish that area and then row back up and pull out. Well I got there at a little after 10:00 and the boat launch parking lot was full of trailers. The weld shops parking lot was full too and so was accross the street. There was 15-20 rigs parked along the bridge plunking under it. The water had great flow but looked like garbage. Lots of sleds running around some pretty large ones too (19-23 feet). Seen a guy doing some duck hunting on the river. (first time I've seen that) Saw 2 fish caught the whole day. What a joke! I live 5 minutes away so I am glad I didn't waste any gas money getting there. I can't beleive it gets worse every year but it does. I know one thing I won't be back there in the morning!


#264841 - 12/26/04 08:19 PM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
steely slammer Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 02/24/00
Posts: 1346
i showd up and the blck crk parking was a mess.. there was sleds trying to take out and they had to wait inline to do so... so many rigs in the parking lot that they couldnt get turnd around to back down the ramp... people just park pretty much anywhere and leave hardly any room to manuver a trailer... i talked to a few guys that i know and they didnt see a fish..

#264842 - 12/27/04 12:08 AM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
Sidedrifter Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 02/27/04
Posts: 241
Loc: Orting, WA
I attempted to fish the nooch today, what a joke. Tried to put in at wishkah cut off and white bridge. 3-4 boat line up. both parking areas plugged with trailers. Deceided "not". This river is a zoo anymore.
Team Rainshadow XST
Team Sage

#264843 - 12/27/04 12:27 AM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
Harbor-Hog Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 09/24/04
Posts: 139
Loc: Aberdeen, Wa
Crazy huh? it's really hard to get excited about fishing anymore. I mean here it is late Decmeber the rivers should be full of hatchery steelhead, but they're not. It's sad to see the plants getting cut back too. Seems to me that the state is almost trying to eliminate steelhead and replace them with more silvers. Steelhead plants have been declining (2003 plants are really bad) while the coho plants have seen major rises. Anyone have anything on this? Anyways here it is 9:30 most of the rivers around me are in good shape and I can't even think of one that I really really want to go fish tommorow. Well anyways se ya out there and good luck to everyone, ya might just need it this winter.


#264844 - 12/27/04 06:08 PM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?

Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 679
harbor hog, the trend im seeing is, more tribes targettng salmon for the casino's, no one wants steelhead for dinner, salmon is preferred, maybe im wrong, but the mucks sell alot of salmon at their casino's restaraunt.. jus an opionin...

#264845 - 12/27/04 09:22 PM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
Harbor-Hog Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 09/24/04
Posts: 139
Loc: Aberdeen, Wa
BB- I don't know if that has anything to do with the cut on hatchery steelhead, but it does offer a different perspective.I know that the Quinalts offer their blueback at the casino and a few other places. I have no complaints with that. We don't have a shot at the Quinalt blueback anyways. Does anyone know why we don't recycle salmon? I mean with the number of surplused silvers that we shipped off to food banks and cat food industries it would be nice to see some recycled back into the system. I see people keep bright red silvers anytime they are in the system. I know alot of these surplused early fish come in with the first big rain and are usually in decent shape. Anyways just another question that has nothing to do with the origional post. But I did check out the Nooch today, 23 rigs at the black creek launch, 7 at the weld shop and another 8 accross the street. This is just boat rigs. I didn't hear of but maybe a handful of fish. Not bad considering a dozen selds side drifting, and a train of driftboats and bankies. Well anyways it was a beautiful day, probably one of the last of the year!


#264846 - 12/30/04 09:57 AM Re: Cow or Nooch reports?
DrifterWA Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 04/25/00
Posts: 4672
Loc: East of Aberdeen, West of Mont...

I left the Monteray area, to get back in time for that "December shot" of hatchery SH.........grrrrrrrrrr

Then I see that netting schedule......double grrrrrrrrrr

Looks like the tribe is going to "get back at us" for the way they were treated 100+ yrs. ago. I don't gamble so they can't hurt me there but all the netting, both salmon and steelhead, has "my jaws tight". Seems that as "co managers", its a "dead end street".

Co-management-----Tribes set thier own schedules.......WDF, let's them do it!!!! Wow, grrrrrrrr, and WDF personnel get paid for this????

"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older would take longer"


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