This has been the best single person pontoon boat I have owned. Its super light, yet very rugged and has 10.5 ft bladderless pontoons which make it even lighter. If you are used to an outcast pontoon boat this is like rowing a ferarri....

Mine is dark blue pontoons and blue powder coated frame. The boat is stored away in garage (one reason I am selling) so I dont have pics of it put together. Simply googling "Skykomish Sunrise H2" will give you all the info.

The boat comes with 2 cargo bags, and upgraded CATARACT oars which are nearly brand new. Also comes with pump.

The boat is unique because it has a sliding floor that goes under the seat when underway and slides out so you can fish STANDING UP. It has a lean bar for stability that stows neatly behind seat when rowing.

These retail for $1700 and up. I am offering it for $900. Located in Mukilteo.

Call Jason at 425-231-3865

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