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#730432 - 01/04/12 05:59 PM BBQ Fish Recipes
Sky-Guy Offline
The Tide is Changing

Registered: 08/31/00
Posts: 7077
Loc: Woodinmilf
I use this recipe every single time I cook fish:

•3 tbsp margerine, melted but not hot
•1 lemon, juiced
•1 tsp ground black pepper
•1-2 tsp minced garlic
•1/4 onion finely chopped
•1 medium sized tomato, seeds removed and chopped finely.

•whole 2-5 lbs salmon or Hatchery Steelhead fillet.

Mix all the 'topping' ingredients well in a small bowl. Texture should be somewhat like salsa or chutney. Place fillet of salmon on a hot bbq grill, skin side down, directly on grill. Cover fillet with topping, doing your best to keep the topping from falling off the salmon (some will undoubtedly fall off, just do what you can!). Cover salmon and topping with a single sheet of aluminum foil, and form the foil to fit gently around the fish.

Cook ~10 minutes (or more, if fillet is thick!) to desired doneness. Recommend a medium-high or even high fire under the fish. The fish will usually separate quite easily from the skin, simply remove the fish by portioning with a knife or spatula, using your spatula to remove portions from the skin which should stick to the grill...and serve! Note you will not be turning the fish, this is a one-side and done cooking technique. Flip saptula over and scrape skin off grill while hot to ease with cleanup.

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#730544 - 01/04/12 11:24 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: ]
parker Offline
The Chosen One

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 13052
Loc: Margaritaville
The World's Best Salmon Sauce (Salmon Gravy)

(Endorsed by the Parker and Bucket Family)


1 cube butter
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup ketchup
2 TBSP French's Yellow Mustard
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

Melt the butter over medium heat in a sauce pan. Once melted, add and stir in the remaining ingredients. Cook over medium heat for an additional 5 minutes.

Prepare salmon in to two fillets.

Get the BBQ smoking hot. Place the fillets meat side down directly on the grill and cook for 5 minutes. Flip the fillets over on to the skin side and baste with the sauce. Cook until the fish is finished.

#731927 - 01/09/12 11:19 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: parker]
Bucket/Good Sport Offline
Kitsap's Crankiest Contractor

Registered: 11/24/03
Posts: 2309
Loc: Poulsbo
Yup that be da chit there Parker!
Have you ever listened to someone for a while and wondered..."who ties your shoelaces for you?"

#731990 - 01/10/12 08:25 AM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Bucket/Good Sport]
Jerry Garcia Offline

Registered: 10/13/00
Posts: 9159
Loc: everett
With fresh salmon

Alittle salt, a little pepper, a little garlic powder

would the boy you were be proud of the man you are

Growing old ain't for wimps
Lonnie Gane

#732116 - 01/10/12 05:03 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Bucket/Good Sport]
NOFISH Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 2931
Loc: Olalla, WA
Originally Posted By: Bucket/Good Sport
Yup that be da chit there Parker!

Mmmmm Mmmmmm, Bucket's Salmon Gravy rocks thumbs
Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours......Gordon Lightfoot

Damn Stam!
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#732147 - 01/10/12 08:47 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Jerry Garcia]
hybridcx Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 03/19/07
Posts: 1350
Loc: sequim, Wa
Originally Posted By: Jerry Garcia
With fresh salmon

Alittle salt, a little pepper, a little garlic powder


this is the way we prefer it as well....

sometimes we will sprinkle on some dungeness gold to mix it up...

#736986 - 01/31/12 02:28 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: hybridcx]

Registered: 08/09/00
Posts: 12107
Loc: Hobart,Wa U.S.A
Tried the Bucket / Parker family salmon sauce last week on some URB from bouy-10,loved it.I ate it all myself but a small chunk,the wife tasted it and said she want's some so that's what's for dinner tonight.Just sayin............................Good luck,

#737230 - 02/01/12 02:06 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: STRIKE ZONE]

Registered: 08/09/00
Posts: 12107
Loc: Hobart,Wa U.S.A
Round two was better then round one last week.Gotta love it.Good luck,

#739932 - 02/10/12 08:27 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: STRIKE ZONE]
Salmo g. Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 12222
Salmo's super-secret BBQ salmon:


Salmon, make that good fresh salmon like spring or summer chinook or URB or Fraser sockeye or LW or Baker sockeye, which are better than AK sockeye. Some silvers also make the grade.


Salt the salmon fillet.
Either make an alder fire, or make a charcoal fire in a BBQ grill and add moistened alder wood chips.
Place fillet flesh side down on medium-hot grill;
turn once when the fillet is half cooked which depends how thick the fillet is. Inch thick will be 5 or 6 minutes per side.
Cook second side skin side down until fat begins to ooze out of the fillet. That means it's done. Never over-cook fish. (If you over-cook it, give it to your neighbors and start over.) Remove from grill and serve. Tis to die for, and any salmon cooked this way shall not have died in vain.

Goes well with old fashioned potato salad, the kind that has pickles and Plochman's mustard added.

#739971 - 02/10/12 10:18 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Salmo g.]
Todd Offline
Bumpin the 6X9's

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 24135
Loc: Seattle, Washington USA
I'm with Salmo on this one...put very little on it, and cook it very little.

If whatever you're cooking doesn't taste good this way, then you probably shouldn't have bonked it to begin with wink

Fish on...


#740009 - 02/11/12 02:19 AM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Todd]
Dub Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 09/24/10
Posts: 496
I'm of the mind if you have to slather the fish in a bunch of [Bleeeeep!] you dont like fish.

A little oil and a very little garlic pepper or lemon pepper and good to go.

Edited by Dub (02/11/12 02:21 AM)
"When seconds count the police are only minutes away."

#740704 - 02/14/12 09:09 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Dub]
Salmo g. Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 12222
Good quality salmon brings its own oil to the party. And garlic and lemon and pepper are strictly a personal matter.

Salmon that isn't out of this world the way I prepare it isn't really a food fish.


#740820 - 02/15/12 11:36 AM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Salmo g.]

Registered: 08/09/00
Posts: 12107
Loc: Hobart,Wa U.S.A
True when it comes to good fish and keeping it simple,how ever that get's boring @ times and needs to be mixed up a bit.Fresh springer I keep simple and the first part of the ocean season,but mid way through the ocean season and bouy-10 it's starts to get real boring so a guy needs to have a few options that are good and do not wreck the salmon.Good luck,

#740897 - 02/15/12 04:09 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: STRIKE ZONE]

i do thinks differently all the time... for Kokanee, i do it this way alot, Dill, Butter, Salt, Lemon, Pepper, Onions, cook till done...

for fillets, as its exposed meat, i go way lighter on the Dill, and dont add Onions all the time, but usually do..

as stated tho, never over cook, and never over season, fish is supposed to taste like fish... i just like mine with a little more stuff to the mix, still tastes like fish tho wink

#745413 - 03/06/12 12:25 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: ]
JTD Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 3037
Loc: Browns Point,Wa. USA

In similar fashion to Todd and Salmo G, I like to BBQ fish with simple ingredients

For salmon I like butter, lime and dill

For albacore I like to use olive oil and Johnny's seasoning and cook it well. This makes for great fish tacos and I pair it with a version of cole slaw consisting of 1/3 finely shredded cabbage, 1/3 coarsely grated and drained cucumber and 1/3 coarsely grated apple. Combine with 1/2 part sour cream, 1/2 part mayo and add apple cider vinegar, sugar and dill; all to taste.

Unfortunately I cook without exact measurements and it makes it difficult to share a recipe but these are both worth trying.

Edited by JTD (03/06/12 12:26 PM)
In the legend of King Arthur, the Fisher King was a renowned angler whose errant ways caused him to be struck dumb in the presence of the sacred chalice. I am no great fisherman, and a steelhead is not the covenant of Christ, but with each of these fish I am rendered speechless.

#749366 - 03/22/12 02:03 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Salmo g.]
bota2 Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 310
Loc: Allyn
Tried the Salmon Gravy last night...Awesome!!
You should have been here yesterday!

#749479 - 03/22/12 07:36 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: bota2]
Chuck E Offline
Three Time Spawner

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 1852
Loc: Kitsap Peninsula
My son that lives in Ohio is coming out for a week's visit and to see Bill in Redmond, so I'm glad I checked the salmon recipes. I'll be cooking the kid fish all week so he can get his seafood fix. Good brats out there but how many can you eat a week?
"I didn't care what she didn't 'low--I would boogie-woogie anyhow" John Lee Hooker

#785265 - 09/12/12 05:26 AM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: Chuck E]
RB3 Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 08/24/10
Posts: 1382
My wife throws a layer of brown sugar on top of the fish. mmm

#785420 - 09/12/12 10:34 PM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: RB3]
FleaFlickr02 Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 10/28/09
Posts: 2650
Lots of good stuff, as usual. I like to keep it simple when I have great quality fish, and the only rule that can't be broken is not to overcook it.

Once in a while, I do like to mix it up a bit, but I always try to avoid overpowering the natural flavor of the fish. Here's one I really enjoy on occasion:

Salmon fillet, skin-on and sliced into desired portion sizes
Light olive oil
Fresh bitter greens (spinach in a pinch)
Sherry vinegar
Garlic, chopped
Shallots, chopped

Season fish with salt and pepper. Coat with light olive oil (you can use extra virgin, but it will burn at high heat and lose most of its aroma, so why waste the good stuff?). Grill on high heat (gas for milder species, charcoal for sockeye) until fish is medium-rare to medium. Pull off and let rest.

Heat a sauté pan until smoking hot. Add a small amount of olive oil to the pan, immediately followed by garlic and shallots. Toss a couple times, and quickly add the greens, followed immediately by the sherry vinegar. Sauté for about 30 seconds, or until all greens are wilted.

Place bed of wilted greens on plate. Remove skin and lateral line from fish and place atop greens. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds. Eat.

#787959 - 09/24/12 10:05 AM Re: BBQ Fish Recipes [Re: FleaFlickr02]
ParaLeaks Offline

Registered: 01/11/03
Posts: 10500
Loc: Olypen
FF......I love that you remove the lateral line. I do the same as it removes so much of the potential for bad tasting fish. Solid work on this recipe!
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