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#836739 - 04/29/13 12:59 AM Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks

At first I was interested to see this show, but mainly because of our local rivers.

Basically here's my beef; one episode had them fishing the chehalis, they didn't even have a fish bonker on board so lets use a water bottle, and a fist! Ok ok not too big of a deal, because hey I've had to use a fist a time or two as well. Should it be something to have on an outdoor show? Probably not, but there's worse on tv. I guess by me having to use a fist in the past is "the pot calling the kettle black".

That's not really where my problem is though... Watched an episode today where they are fishing on the lower Quinault. Should be interesting right? Well, it was. Talk about a lack of respect for multiple fish and extremely poor handling on one after another. If you watch this one you will see what I am talking about....

Fish after fish were not just netted but brought into the boat where they flopped around beat themselves up, kicked around by the fishermen, and held by the gill plates alone before being returned to the river. Yep, the gill plates alone.

Hope I am not affending anyone but had to get this one out. Just couldn't believe the horrible handling of these fish before being released.

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#836746 - 04/29/13 05:39 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
steely slammer Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 02/24/00
Posts: 1342
i saw the episode.. it was sad indeed...

just what we need another show telling everyone to come to grays harbor and fish..( i think the words out)..

#836748 - 04/29/13 08:02 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: steely slammer]
GBL Offline
Three Time Spawner

Registered: 01/31/05
Posts: 1879
Loc: Yakutat
Probably good evidence for the WDF to go have a talk with the stars!

#836752 - 04/29/13 09:53 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: GBL]
bob r Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 04/17/13
Posts: 289
My wife and I were totally disgusted with these clowns, the first time they stuck their fat fingers in those gills we shut it off, I'd like to "run" into these guys sometimes, I plan on calling the guide they used and tell him just how little respect I have for scum like him,and how I'll badmouth him all over social media and recomend him, to NO-ONE, what an A-Hole to treat wild fish that way, but you know the Quinalt just don't give a f*** how "their" guides treat the wild steelhead (or salmon' for that matter!).Tribal guides, white guides, I think the way the whole deal is done from the lake to the lower river, the Quinalt leadership are a joke as far as being protectors of the tribal and state resources. Their tribal leader (Fawn Sharp) is only interested in casino revenue, she is married to the jerk that runs the casino, talk about conflicts of interest!She's been polluting the lake for years with a failing septic tank from her house at Amanda Park and after finally replacing it she shuts the lake down due to pollution? The only pollution in the lake is from tribal people at Amanda park, notice they didn't shut off the lower river to fishing, I guess "pollution" doesn't run downstream!The feds had to shut down their fish processing plant after totally filthy conditions were found.The state tried to do it but the tribe told them to get f*****d, the feds didn't go for that, fortunatly. I guess poisoning people is a goal the tribal council goes for, it's another way to tell other people in the state to go f*** themselves, hop about a public informaton session outside of their casino? I better vid. the whole thing so we can prosecute those folks who will prob. try to beat us up, that kind of physical intimidation is pretty normal for them.Just look at why they were kicked out of the local scholastic basketball program, threatening officials with firearm intimidation and unsportsmanlke behavior by players and adults attending the games is what got them kicked out, THIS is the reason the lake is closed, they just want to hurt the local communities for "picking" on them. I would recomend ALL members from this site to tell this guide just what you think of his practices and how little business you'll give him.Hopefully w'll see them on the Chehalis this fall' LOOK for them, Tell them your opinion of their show! Bob R

#836757 - 04/29/13 10:46 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: bob r]

Glad to see that I am not the only one who noticed this zoo of a show and their practices. Bob r- nicely put.

#836763 - 04/29/13 12:23 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
deerlick Offline

Registered: 12/30/08
Posts: 570
Loc: around
yeah sick too watch

#836770 - 04/29/13 01:49 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
deerlick Offline

Registered: 12/30/08
Posts: 570
Loc: around
oh that makes it better.....

#836774 - 04/29/13 02:00 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
bob r Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 04/17/13
Posts: 289
Originally Posted By: 2MANY

Below is from their Facebook page..............LOL.

I wasn't on this trip, but feel the need to respond. First thing first, I have seen a few comments claiming that everyone involved with "Hooks and Horns" as they are being called is a rich, city dweller. Nothing could be farther than the truth, we are all working class guys trying to fulfill a dream of making a living in the outdoor industry. It is not huge bank accounts that gets us where we are, it is our passion and drive, and the guts that we possess to give it a whirl, instead of sitting home wishing it was us. Lets begin with Rex, the host and owner. I have known Rex for a year or so, and have not met a more courteous or nicer guy. HE is a member of the CCA and the Mule deer foundation, and is a huge supporter of my work with the sevengill sharks. I do consider him a conservation minded person, In fact without him, there is no doubt in my mind, we would not be doing research this season. Granted the fish could have been handled better, but remember this is the Quinalt reservation and those fish could have been kept if they would have elected. When fishing the res you are subject to their rules and practices. The Quinalt tribe takes conservation and management very seriously. They are a steward for other tribes to follow. That river has the fishing it has do to the work of that tribe, not us "white folk". I assure you proper handling is important to Rex, he understands the importance of the outdoors and how we as sportsmen are portrayed. The fish were netted because of the conditions they faced in the river. The guide has a very tough job, control the fish, plus control the boat in dangerous water conditions. Netting the fish and getting back to the throttle to ensure the safety of his passengers. As far as the release, many people believe that "tossing" for lack of a better term, is the best way to enter a fish into the river. It forces a quick shot of oxygen to the gills and shocks the fish, I see it on TV all the time. I am not sure if that was the guides intentions, but it is his boat and his call. If you feel you will get a response by calling everyone involved [Bleeeeep!] kickers and dragging their name through the mud online, you are wrong. This is exactly what is wrong with people today. Sportsmen need to help each other out and offer criticism, and not bash each other all over the internet. We have enough of that with anti hunting and fishing groups. Your criticism are and will be appreciated when done in a proper form. Understand, I am just commenting as a friend of the people involved. They are good honest hard working folks, who are being portrayed otherwise by people that know nothing about them.
You've got to be kidding. This guy is conservation minded? The idea that these fish could have been kept but weren't justifies fingers in gills? Releasing them to float belly up ? As far as the guide being too busy to deal with the fish in a responsible manner is just B.S., big time! Boycott these kinds of guides and give them a BIG helping of crap concerning their failure to conserve resources . Is the condition of the river a big concern to the tribe?Just for how much money they can suck out of it, the low return of sockeye is due to the fact that a LOT of sockeye were sold by the side of the road, 43 tribal members were cited for not recording catches last year alone, isn't unrecorded catches a major contributing factor in lower sockeye returns last year? How many fish did 43 tribal members catch between them? And how many tribal fishermen weren't caught? The trash and sewege seeping into the river from tribal land at Amanda park should tell you what kinds of land and water stewarts the Quinalt are.It's no wonder that some of their children and adults act like thugs at scholastic sports events with the hypocrosy that goes on. Most of the tribal members don't deserve this rep, but tribal govt. (like our govt.)lends a sense of self entitlement to those in power.If the tribe had sense they would vote these jerks out. Keep up the pressure on the jerks at hooks and horns too, seem like a bunch of self-entitled jerks to me, hit up their sponsors, that certainly would give them something to think about. Thanks for great thread! Bob R

#836777 - 04/29/13 02:28 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: bob r]

If you can't release a fish properly, don't fish

#836778 - 04/29/13 02:30 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: bob r]
DrifterWA Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 04/25/00
Posts: 4613
Loc: East of Aberdeen, West of Mont...
Hook and Horns......Just didn't using "any judgement" at all. The video pissed me off, hate to see fish that are going back in the river, taken out of the river, AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!

I understand that people like to have "pictures taken" and what WDFW says about handling fish......I wish that video's and pictures that didn't show the WDFW, Law of the Land, proper handling of fish.....would not be allowed to be posted on fishing web sites.

"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older would take longer"

#836779 - 04/29/13 02:48 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: DrifterWA]
Castingpearls Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 03/26/08
Posts: 1257
Loc: The Rock
Oh Boy! I have a hard time believing anyone is surprised by the poor fish handling. It's just sad that those guys allowed it to be aired on their show. They are rookies for the most part, I know the edit guy and camera man personally. I'll be having a chat with them.

I remember a similar situation years ago on the other show and they've gotten marginally better at handling fish or at least leaving gill shots on the cutting room floor.

Not all the Qin guides are complete idiots like the one on the show. Some even know how to catch fish and handle them properly.

#836806 - 04/29/13 10:08 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
Jason Beezuz Offline
My Waders are Moist

Registered: 11/20/08
Posts: 2573
Loc: PNW
Wannabes are always amateurs are always wannabes....

I chuckle a the whole argument that it takes balls to persue a dream of making it in the outdoors industry. Heard it too many times. It's a false argument.

How about being good at fishing before you make claims like that? It is just dumb.
The gear whore master-baiting anti-fly fisherman fly fisherman

“Fairness is a concept that was invented so kids and idiots could participate in debates.” – Dogbert

#836811 - 04/29/13 10:40 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: Jason Beezuz]
Ken I Offline

Registered: 05/09/12
Posts: 55
Loc: soaking-wet Grays Harbor
I too saw the show, and was disappointed to see how fish were handled that were returned to the river. I expect that hooks and horns will learn from their experiences and improve as time goes on. I know that I do, and call me crazy, but I allow others the same chance.
To use that as an opportunity to call out the tribe?
Ok, live and let live I suppose....I give you the benefit of the doubt about your accusations, I have no other info on the subject.
Whether we like it or not, Grays Harbor is the mecca for quality salmon and steelhead fishing opportunities, and I now hike miles each year to avoid combat fishing.
For the past 4 years, I have lobbied our legislators for more 'fish for all' in the harbor, showing them how much is would cost to restore the cuts to programs that we had in 2009, and how much $$$$ USED to come into the harbor and the local economy. I have had a little success, and will keep trying. We could have more success, if more people took time to work for the FUTURE of G.H. fishing, not just catching fish today.
More people like Dave H. Francis, etc.
It doesn't take a lot of intelligence or 'connections', if it did, I could not do it.
Our legislators need to know what is going on out here and if you don't tell them your concerns, how are they supposed to know?
But, I'm sorry, you were sitting on your butt, bitching, and I interrupted you.
In closing, Hooks and Horns is trying to accomplish something good, for ALL of us, I wish them the best.
p.s. the leg has a 1-800 number, you can dial it and let your voice be heard without getting off your a**

#836869 - 04/30/13 12:21 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
marklee Offline
Eyed Egg

Registered: 04/30/13
Posts: 5
Loc: New York
Yes, I agreed good evidence for the WDF to go have a talk with the stars might be right thing to do.
ip lawyers australia

#836880 - 04/30/13 02:13 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
gooybob Offline

Registered: 03/01/11
Posts: 993
Loc: Tacoma
”The Quinault tribe takes conservation and management very seriously. They are a steward for other tribes to follow. That river has the fishing it has do to the work of that tribe, not us "white folk"..........

Except that we pay the tab. Where do you think the money to do what they do comes from? I really hope you‘re kidding. You obviously haven’t seen much of their reservation or the total waste they produce. If they take their fish management seriously how do you explain the carnage I’ve seen them put on the fish. Several times I’ve seen them use bright fish as bear bait, crab bait, take eggs and leave the carcass. They are so far away from true conservation. The way they handled those fish is no surprise. Like so many other tribes the talk is big and the action is small. They are phonies and any attempt to glorify them in their current state says to me you don’t know much about their “ways”.

#836934 - 04/30/13 09:19 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
Ken I Offline

Registered: 05/09/12
Posts: 55
Loc: soaking-wet Grays Harbor
I guess the good for all of us refers to advertising our angling opportunities in Grays Harbor.
Yes, more anglers will come, but with several magazines and websites such as this, its really no secret where you have to go to get a decent chance at steelies or salmon. that's why I hike and bicycle the miles that I do
My intent is to demonstrate to our legislators just how much $$$ comes to the Harbor to fish. With the right kind of support and/or pressure, we could restore some of the programs we have lost. If we can demonstrate the economic stimulus that sport angling brings to a community, maybe they can find the $$ to raise more fish. That $$$ goes to the mom and pop stores like Humptulips Mercantile, Monte Square, Dennis Co. etc. I spend around $1000 annually just buying bait, gear and gas, and I live in Aberdeen. Think how much money comes into the harbor from Pugettropolis....Better yet, think what we could do as sport anglers if we were as organized and dedicated as the Commercial Harvesters.
I'm interested in your thoughts
p.s. if anyone wants to bicycle in and drop down to smith creek from the cardiac ridge trailhead with me, let me know
Take Care,

#836954 - 05/01/13 12:06 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: Ken I]

Thanks for all the responses guys. Topic kind of went in a different direction but that's pretty common on this site wink

Ken I, $1000 a year on bait tackle and gas?! Holy cow I wish I could say that. That would be chump change for me! I probably spend that on bait alone. Then again, when fishing is good I go like its going out of style..

#837074 - 05/01/13 09:57 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
fp Offline
Old Duffer

Registered: 03/15/99
Posts: 2938
Loc: Hoquiam,WA.USA
I have fished with the guide in question many times and he has always handled our release fish with care. Not sure how it was on the Horny & Hookers program as I did not watch it. Can't comment on the guys that were fishing as I do not know who they are.

I am not defending any tribal issues but, like I said, the guide is really a great guy and to me, a great guide.

This will be my only post on this as I didn't see the program and will not debate things that happened I know nothing about.



#837197 - 05/02/13 04:44 PM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
On The Swing Offline

Registered: 02/06/03
Posts: 566
Loc: all up in her skirt
robert is grade A, have talked with him many times coming out at camp 7 and was always impressed with his knowledge and modesty.

A guide can only do so much as to the actions of clients in his boat.
Viciousness with a shark with a funny hat!!

Lead by example in releasing wild Steelhead and other Salmonids the correct way!

#837254 - 05/03/13 02:34 AM Re: Guess they'll give anybody a show- Horns & Hooks [Re: ]
Blktailhunter Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 08/07/09
Posts: 472
I liked the show.

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