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I've been dealing for a few rifles for my boys to start using, and ended up with two Ruger M77's. I'm gonna keep the synthetic stocked one, and sell this wood stocked one.

Serial number dates it to 1981.
Red butt pad, tang safety, externally adjustable trigger.
Has a scope that is NOT included, but I'll include the rings. Currently shoots Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond factory loads 3 shots covered with a nickel at 100yds

Uploading pics on here kills me. There are pics on the other forum, or you can text me and I'll send you pics.

Five-4-one 7-six-O 4-eight-7-O

Located in Corvallis Oregon, but I'll be up for B10 on 8/18,8/19.

$400 bare gun/rings, $450 with a few boxes of ammo (Nosler Trophy Accubond and Partiton, Hornady Superformance)

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