fishing backpacks?

Posted by: mreyns_tgl

fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 07:51 PM

whats the best one? without a steep price.
Posted by: Knucklebustersonly

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 08:20 PM

I just use cheap old ones I don't care much about anymore. Old school backpacks
Posted by: fish4brains

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 08:26 PM

Filson. I got one of these last year and will never use anything else. It says flyfishing vest but I use it for everything. I barely even notice I'm wearing it. I think it was $160.

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Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 08:32 PM

I use a orvis sling bag about 50 bucks .not a bad setup for the money.
Posted by: Todd

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 08:34 PM

Depends on what you mean by a steep price...I've seen some up to $300.00...

I use this one:


Fish on...

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Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 08:48 PM

I have this one. I use it more for a travel tackle box where I don't want to haul every freaking thing I own with me than actually wearing it on the water, but it would work great . Holds a ton of stuff, has boxes that fit already in it. Sweet
Posted by: Chum Man

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 09:14 PM

 Originally Posted By: fish4brains
I got one of these last year and will never use anything else. It says flyfishing vest but I use it for everything. I barely even notice I'm wearing it. I think it was $160.

i've been really impressed by filson's quality in the past, and i think when i find myself with some disposable income this fall, that will be my next purchase. everything i own from them has been tough, comfortable, and an added perk is most of it is USA made.

i've got their fishing chest pack that i bought in the spring, used it for summer runs/fall salmon so far, and it works well -- the only downside which can get annoying(for a bait fisherman like me) is that it's tough to get at your bait box, as everything's right out in front of you. either have to move it out of the way, or wear your bait box on your side.
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Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 10:41 PM

I'm with Todd on this, love the Fish ponds.

Posted by: What

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/24/07 11:06 PM

Have owned many packs but glad I finally found last year that William Joseph has the goods, especially their less expensive Watemark line of packs. I now have two of these, a smaller rear pack summer/fly style with the man boob attatchments and a larger backpack style with the pot belly attatchment. They are way comfortable and user friendly with optional hydration bladder. You can get em' at Sportsman's Warehouse, (or Cabelas for the smaller) for $50 - $70 respectively. They come in green, blue or if it's a must have... orange.

Good luck.
Posted by: stam

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 12:35 AM

My favorite

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Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 01:13 AM

I like the external frame backpacks, coleman makes some inexpensive ones (sub 100), you can tie your catch to it which makes walking out with fish much easier

Although they're pretty big.
Posted by: ondarvr

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 01:52 AM

I think I still have one of those, got it about 40 years ago when I was in Boyscouts.
Posted by: kevin lund

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 02:03 AM

I've used a $10 K-mart fanny pack for years and it works great!
Posted by: cheapskate

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 02:22 AM

Picked up a used school backpack at a garage sale this summer. Multiple pockets/compartments. Works great. The best 50 cents I've ever spent.
Posted by: CraigO

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 09:51 AM

I'm wit Todd, those FishPonds are awesome. You can carry food, drinks and extra clothes and never have to take it off with the tackle up front.
Posted by: Nor Cal Drifter

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 12:17 PM

another vote for Fishpond. They make great stuff. Have two of their hip/fanny packs and they are awesome.
Posted by: Castaway

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/25/07 08:10 PM

Been wanting a fishpond for a long time and now that i bought a new pair of simms, i'm gettin that pack next!
Posted by: Achewter

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/26/07 12:06 AM

Hey Stam
you ever tie a big ol hunk a Elk to that there pack of yours.
Always dreaded pulling those things out of the truck and headin back in without the guns. It would probably kill me now.
Posted by: STRIKE ZONE

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/27/07 01:29 PM

I'm cheap when it comes to back packs for fishin.Costco Jansport back pack all the way.$20.00 and like said above they wash good and ya get one every year.Good luck,
Posted by: stam

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/27/07 01:42 PM

 Originally Posted By: Achewter
Hey Stam
you ever tie a big ol hunk a Elk to that there pack of yours.

Sure, once.

It's a wierd story, I used to be a crazy ass bowhunter and loved to go deep, one of the first years I got serious about it I was about 3 miles in on huckleberry mt above greenwater (bone lake) area hunting with just a daypack, I prowled around alot up there in the olden days, anyway I was thrashing my way off trail and found this old weather bleached trapper nelson pack frame on top of a stump, I looked it over and left it.... until about an hour later when I killed a cow, how convenient, it took a bit of searchin' but, I found the frame and lashed the first load of meat onto it, it was pretty uncomfortable but it worked, I switched over to my hi-tech military packboard for the other two trips but did keep the "nelson", it hangs on a hook in my basement now.
Posted by: Todd

Re: fishing backpacks? - 09/27/07 01:52 PM

Here's a pic of Rvrfshr in his WilliamJoseph pack from last week...

Fish on...