NOAA Fisheries Survey

Posted by: RUNnGUN

NOAA Fisheries Survey - 07/05/19 06:47 AM

Anyone else get a survey in the mail from Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NWFSC? They want to "Better understand how management actions affect rec fisheries". "To increase understanding of what anglers like, dislike, enhance the fishing experience, and improve overall fishery management". Hell, it even came w/ a $2 bill inside for a "small token of their appreciation of saying thanks for completing the survey". WTF? I wonder what that cost? I know I can get some help from you all w/ my response so I don't miss anything.
Posted by: _WW_

Re: NOAA Fisheries Survey - 07/06/19 02:57 PM

The first thing they need to understand is that not every recreational fisherman has a saltwater boat. But not even that will matter if the commercial fisherman get to them first.