Leo Flashers

Posted by: fishnbear

Leo Flashers - 07/22/19 04:09 PM

I was out of neah bay over the weekend and we did good, but there was another boat killin it and they were using leo flashers, has anyone out there used them and what do you think?
Posted by: Swifty27

Re: Leo Flashers - 07/23/19 03:10 PM

I fished them off and on while I was there the 12th - 15th in combination with 3.5 spinners (Hanford Reach Bait and Tackle). They worked well . I like the medium size in 360 mode. The large ones put out a lot of drag while reeling in a fish, but they definitely worked. The nice thing is being able to switch inline and 360 on the same flasher. I fish them over in the Columbia on the eastside too. That was my first trip up for salmon, so I did a lot of experimenting.

Leo is from Eastern Oregon and a really good guy. He's active in supporting the local community too. Those flashers were designed for fishing the toilet bowl at Drano so that they would spin at lower speeds. They work great in other applications, that's just a little history lesson.
Posted by: Terry Roth

Re: Leo Flashers - 08/16/19 08:45 PM

THey are excellent, and Leo is generous with good advice. I converted my Large Leos to "breakaway" by cutting a slot in the tail and gluiing in a round nylon spacer whose hole just fits a Q-cove pin. It works just like the now defunct Q-cove breakaways, the flasher floats up the line when a king hits your lure. A couple years back I posted a thread on Bloody Deck on how to convert your Pro-troll and Gibbs regular 11inch flashers to breakaway, I'll see if I can find that thread and post a link to it.

All you need is one Q-cove harness, you can switch it from flasher to flasher. I had about 3 dozen conventional flashers and converted them all for a cost of 20 cents/flasher.

I see that Leo now has a breakaway harness for $6, gotta get a couple and give them a try. They only work with the large and medium size flashers.
Posted by: Terry Roth

Re: Leo Flashers - 08/16/19 09:25 PM

Here's a link to my old thread on Bloody Deck for converting conventional flashers to breakaway. Got a lot of flack from Ken's buddies about taking business away from him, but ...what else to do with a pile of old favorites??? Q-Cove now out of business, so other vendors are making various solutions to breakaway.

Posted by: Swifty27

Re: Leo Flashers - 08/20/19 06:27 AM

Good info TR. I ordered a couple releases to give them a try. The mediums don't drag that much, but the large puts on a lot of resistance.

Our king on opening day over here came on a large Leo with a superbait.