Salmon Recovery update

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Salmon Recovery update - 03/16/20 09:52 PM

Received this announcement the other day. Thought some on this forum might be interested in providing their comments.

Dear Salmon Recovery Partners and Interested Parties,

We are pleased to share with you an opportunity to provide your input and recommendations about Washington State salmon recovery through an online survey.

Responses are welcome from ALL who are interested in salmon recovery in Washington State, including those with knowledge, experience, or other expertise related to salmon recovery. Insights and recommendations shared through the survey will directly inform the Governor’s Statewide Salmon Strategy Update. We invite you to fill out the survey even if you’ve engaged in other forums or mediums.

Survey Link: Statewide Salmon Strategy Update Survey

Survey Deadline: The survey will close on Monday, March 23 at 5 pm.
We thank you for your participation and encourage you to forward this email and the survey link to others who would like to share their input.
For more information about the Governor’s Statewide Salmon Strategy Update, please visit the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office website and see the background information below.

Statewide Salmon Strategy Background:

In 1999, Governor Gary Locke adopted the Statewide Salmon Strategy (Strategy) to address a growing crisis: the listing of salmon under the Endangered Species Act. The development of this Strategy was the first of its kind in the nation, a collaborative initiative to restore and protect salmon runs across Washington State, anchored in local expertise, experience, partnerships, and community support. In 2006, Governor Christine Gregoire added to the Strategy, highlighting the proactive approach to salmon recovery known as the “Washington Way.”

In 2019, Governor Inslee secured funding for an update to the statewide Strategy. This update is being led by the Governor’s Office with support from the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office (GSRO), and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Triangle Associates, a third-party facilitator, has been hired to engage stakeholders and partners in the update.

The goal of the update is to review the Strategy for gaps, identify needs, and chart a course for the future. The update will incorporate new science, policies, obligations or commitments captured in recovery plans, federal 5-year status reviews, court decisions, and other pertinent materials.

In addition to outreach with stakeholders, the Strategy update process includes engaging with individual tribes across Washington in government-to-government processes. That effort will parallel the partner and stakeholder engagement outreach.

Questions? Contact Katrina Radach at
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 07:26 AM

It was easy to fill out, folks should take a few minutes and let them know what you think.
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 10:14 AM

Well, that was fun! Actually it wasn't all that fun expressing so much negativity and pessimism.
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 11:20 AM

I see yours is going the same place as mine.
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 12:34 PM

The survey link is not working for me...
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 12:40 PM

Link is at the upper RH corner:
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Re: Salmon Recovery update - 03/17/20 03:49 PM

Thanks NOFISH. Got it and done.

I hope others take the time to provide input. And please, don't forget to mention that a major impediment to salmon recovery is the continued position of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission leadership that secrets are necessary in harvest decision. Explain how destructive to trust the NWIFC position is. Without our communities trusting each other, we cannot truly work in cooperation to save our salmon.

Thanks everyone.