Good year so far!

Posted by: fishgut

Good year so far! - 10/29/02 10:00 AM

This has been a good season for Steelhead so far--for all my friends. I have watched my friends bring in a many fish in the last few weeks, including the kid of one of them. It was his first steelhead ever and it was on a fly.
I did manage to hook one and it put on a show coming out of the water numerous times and making quick runs, finally to lose it after the hook straightened out. My fault completely using the size of hook I did. Little small!
Lots of fish in the rivers but I'm hoping for a new push up river. Let it rain.
Posted by: Bob

Re: Good year so far! - 11/09/02 01:23 PM

Due to too much rain, our fall fiesta wasn't something to jump up and down over. It looks liek the rain has finally made it's way here though ... so things are looking up for local options!
Posted by: Sparkey

Re: Good year so far! - 11/10/02 02:54 AM

This has been a decent summer season for me as well...I spent June and July doing very very well on the steelies but with the low water and crowding on a couple of my favorite waters, I head up to the high mountains to chase after trout.

Keep at 'em...a few of our local rivers have been producing very very good steelhead fishing...this rain will only help! smile

And do not let the fact that is November keep you from summer steelheading in Puget Sound streams as many rivers get pushes of fresh summer-runs in September and October.

And if you can head East do it as all the E. Wa. streams (that are open) are providing anywhere from fair to excellent fishing.
Posted by: Old Man

Re: Good year so far! - 11/10/02 01:04 PM

Sparkey, when you head up in the mountains to fish for trout.Where do you usually go. Would just like to know the area that you go to as I also like to fish up higher in the hills. Less people and where you can get one with mother nature. hello