Chums and Flys

Posted by: PFunk

Chums and Flys - 10/29/02 06:17 PM

Never fished for chums, never fly fished for chums. I plan on chasing them on the Skykomish this November. If you guys can help me out what are some of the better patterns and colors? As far as where to go I'll spend the time and figure that out. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
Posted by: Divers

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/29/02 09:23 PM

I have always had good luck with Chum Candy and Pink Charlies. Patricks over on Eastlak has some new darker green Chum candy and they work well. Just buy one and then you can copy them.
Posted by: Sparkey

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/29/02 09:37 PM

I have a good freind who swears by chartreuse is his go to chum fly whether he is fishing the saltchuck or the rivers.

Chartreuse or pink woolly buggers and rabbit leaches have always been a good producer for me as well.
Posted by: Downriggin

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/29/02 09:40 PM

I don't think a particuliar pattern works better over another one. I think the color and size are more important. By nature, Dogs will hit the smaller krill or shrimp-like patterns first.

Chums can be finicky other days, they hit anything. Some days they like chartreuse, other days, cerise or ???. Some days a large pattern over a small one. If you are tying flies, usually the simpler the better. Try adding combinations of two or three colors... Chances are Dogs will go for the brighter flourescent colors before the dark ones... just never know.

If you need to buy your patterns.... try:
Chum Candy, Egg Sucking Leeches, Dean River Lanterns, Popsicle... or just about any bright Steelie pattern..

Posted by: fishgut

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/30/02 12:43 PM

I agree just about anything will work.
I have caught them on the simple olive green bugger as well as the black. The egg sucking leech gives a nice contrasting color, but I don't think any one fly has outdone another in a big way for me.
Posted by: havnfun

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/30/02 05:54 PM

plan old glo bug yarn wrapped on the hook works also....nothing fancy about that,just line it thru/between the gums.
Posted by: PhishPhreak

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/30/02 06:26 PM

Why floss a fish that will willingly slam a fly? Now if we were talking about sockeye that would be different....
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Re: Chums and Flys - 10/30/02 08:04 PM

Had to test out the new camera.
Here is a pic of a Chum candy ( Dark Green)
Posted by: PFunk

Re: Chums and Flys - 10/31/02 10:56 AM

Great looking candy. Will you be handing these treats out tonight? If so where is your neighborhood? Trick or treat and let it rain, let it rain let rain. laugh laugh laugh
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Re: Chums and Flys - 11/01/02 12:27 AM

This is not the best picture in the world. I really need to figure my digital camera out better. But this is one of my go to chum flies. I call it a chum bug, probably many others, but this is mine. I was given one of these about 17 years ago on the Satsop by a guy, and I have tied/used them since for chums. I have caught a good majority of my fly caught chummers on this pattern, even when others wouldn't work. I will change the collar a bit, and put black behind eyes. But this has always produced for me.

I agree, usually most chums are hard to figure out. But I mostly fish the same few rivers for them, and these always produce. I even used these on Minter and nailed them as well. I also have a marabou fly that's white/chartruese that spanks them as well. I also tie the above pattern in hot pink, works well too, and I've nailed the occasional winter steelhead with it as well.
Posted by: Divers

Re: Chums and Flys - 11/01/02 01:32 AM

ST69, I like that one.
I have some that look like that but it was for Sockeye.

I have had good luck with this version of a Glass minow for Kings and Silvers and a few Chums.

Posted by: Vic

Re: Chums and Flys - 11/11/02 01:09 AM

When it comes to chum flys, the simpler, and easier to tie the better. I usually fish pink bunny leaches with long tails on 2/0 or 3/0 hooks. They eat em up!!!

Good Luck