wooley worm

Posted by: Zen Leecher aka Bill W

wooley worm - 01/14/04 12:24 PM

Just noticed "wooley worm" is listed as a moderator here.

Doesn't one have to be a purist to moderate a fly board. I have it on good source that Rob was out using gear on humpies last August.

Me too! And I must confess I didnt' use a fly rod once last year. Might change now that I have an angle to use one up at Neah Bay.
Posted by: Steelheader69

Re: wooley worm - 01/14/04 05:21 PM

Nope, I'm the flyfishing moderator on another Steelheaders board. Probably the majority of the guys are gear. I'm a 60/40 split on the gear side. And my area is pretty good. Don't need to be a "purist", just need to love to do it. laugh wink
Posted by: fred evans

Re: wooley worm - 01/14/04 06:21 PM

Welllllll, a few of us are 'as pure as wind driven snow.' help
Posted by: Zen Leecher aka Bill W

Re: wooley worm - 01/14/04 06:23 PM

(don't tell Rob, but I'm trying to needle him)
Posted by: Fishingjunky15

Re: wooley worm - 01/14/04 07:20 PM

Like Steelheader69 said, "you just need to love to do it." I'm finding myself flyfishing more and more and opting to do so every chance I get. Still, there are many things a fly can't do so my old habbits are still lingering around.
Posted by: Zen Leecher aka Bill W

Re: wooley worm - 01/15/04 11:14 AM

What???? Nothing from Rob yet?
Posted by: Mr. Twister

Re: wooley worm - 01/15/04 03:37 PM

Geez, don't you guys have something other to do?

I'm pretty darn pure, if you count that I only use spinning or mooching tackle in the salt, if only to learn how to FF for them? Ok, and I have been known to spin fish on the big lakes, Washington and Sammamish.

And if you read the latest Saltwater Fly Fishing mag, there was an article about how most SWFF use spinning tackle on a regular basis.

I fly fish most of the time, but not all the time, nor do I have anywhere near the investment in non-fly fishing tackle that I have in fly gear.

Now, I understand that the lingcod are near the shorelines spawning, anybody up for a trip to see if we can get one on the fly?

But I know that Zen is just a salmon/trout snob anyway.
Posted by: Zen Leecher aka Bill W

Re: wooley worm - 01/15/04 06:26 PM

Just teasing as I remember you said you got a boat earlier this year and were talking about your humpy exploits. I forget where.... but remember reading it somewhere.

My trip to the "dark side" was getting a Lund in 2002.

2004 will involve clousers at Neah Bay... and jigs with swim tails of some sort.
Posted by: Mr. Twister

Re: wooley worm - 01/15/04 07:09 PM

I understand, Zen.

But you know the entrance exam for this Moderator position was "Great, go to it." then I got my "Wallhanger" status, and some interesting buttons down on the bottom of the page that work. Nothing about my fishing talents or methods. Actually, I prefer dynamite, but it got outlawed. :p

So you got space in that boat out to Neah Bay?

Posted by: Zen Leecher aka Bill W

Re: wooley worm - 01/15/04 07:49 PM

I may....

The 2nd trip has no one going along... and I was looking for that victim to share costs...lies...and singing the verses of "99 bottles of beer on the wall"for the drive there.

Won't know when I'm going until after the regs come out. Wanna see what the king retention will be for area 4.