first fly rod steelhead

Posted by: stlhdhntr

first fly rod steelhead - 08/18/04 08:27 PM

I'm not a big poster, but i had to share today. decide i would go to the nf lewis this afternoon since i had nothing better to do. got to the spot and decided i should break out the fly rod since it has been idle for a little while(winston ltx #5). went ahead and got it strung up and decided i would try a black/crystal flash wooly bugger thinking i might get some attention from the trout if nothing else. walked down to the hole and took a good look around, and see much going on. then i rememberd i had read somewhere recently about fresh, aggresive fish holding in the riffles during the heat of the day. so i figured it's as good a place to start as any. sent out the first cast and about halfway through the drift it gets interrupted by a thump, thump. come up tight and i figure i probably got a dink on. boy was i wrong! next thing i know backing is going out past the tip top. oh crap!! 25 minutes later a 12# steelie is sitting on the bank with me screaming like a school girl!! I figured since i didnt have a cooler, and since the fish gods were being kind it was time to go home and bbq fresh fish.

Posted by: Robert Allen3

Re: first fly rod steelhead - 08/18/04 08:39 PM

Thats Awsome steve congrats
Posted by: First Light

Re: first fly rod steelhead - 08/18/04 09:03 PM

Sorry to hear that your hooked now like the rest of us steelhead fever, congratulations, nothing like the first one, mine was in 1980, and remember the excitement.


Posted by: Fishingjunky15

Re: first fly rod steelhead - 08/19/04 02:32 AM

Welcome to the club. Now you need a winter run, first 20+ pounder, 30+ pounder....dare I say 40?
Posted by: Homer2handed

Re: first fly rod steelhead - 08/19/04 02:29 PM


Can you say two-hander?
Posted by: stlhdhntr

Re: first fly rod steelhead - 08/20/04 02:51 AM

fj 15. yes a nice 20 or 30 #r would be very sufficent for this boy.
h2h. just getting the one handed thing down, but will probably try a two hander one of these days when i get the old funds built up again.