Litespeed 3 guts rusting?

Posted by: Peter

Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/04/05 01:59 AM

Fish roughly once a month and virtually no water goes into the bearing section of my reels. After a day of fishing I take apart the reels and let them sit in my room to dry. Couple days ago I go to open the bearing section of my reel and I see rust all over the metal parts? Have you Litespeed owners out there experience this and has Lamson given you a hard time asking for a replacement or repair?

Why doesn't Lamson make the housing to the bearings resistant to water,etc. instead of just a plain steel material.

Now I have to ship it off to Lamson to get it fixed, hopefully it won't take over a month since this is the only 8wt reel I have, I might be forced to buy a backup.

Posted by: Homer2handed

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/04/05 02:20 AM


What type grease/oil do you use?

Try Super Lube Islander/Tibor recommeds it on there reels I've been useing it it for a while with no problem (rust).
Posted by: Peter

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/04/05 12:42 PM

I was told not to use any type of lubricant, but now its too late. The rust has reached the roller bearings. Next time I'll use some type of waterproof grease. frown
Posted by: FlyH20

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/04/05 10:49 PM


Lamson is a very good company. I have sold and used there reels many years and I think you will have no problem getting your reel taken care of.
Posted by: First Light

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/06/05 09:11 PM

Send them a nicely worded email explaining the problem and how much you like the reel and their products etc. It usually works for me.
the very few times I have had problems with a fly rod or reel, wader, etc.

Posted by: Peter

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/08/05 01:37 AM

Sent it out the other day and spoke to a phone rep. They charged me 20.00 s/h and insurance, man thats a hefty sum!

I hope they just replace the guts and not repair.
Now I'm in the market for a backup reel, more likely the Teton Tioga LA #8, the best under 100.00 (ebay).

Peter <><
Posted by: fred evans

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/12/05 05:24 PM

Maybe I've just been lucky ... but in over 50 years of fly fishing (the last 20 almost 100 % 2-handers), lots of different reels from very inexpensive to pretty darned pricie .. I've never had a speck of rust.

By def. reels are going to get wet, inside and out. Seems darned silly that a 'quality reel maker' would use "parts" that were subject to rust. Need to lube them, yes, but not as 'rust protection.' confused
Posted by: Peter

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/14/05 02:09 AM

Got my reel back today(fast 5 days) and now its in great shape. They not only gave me a new house-bearing but an entire new conical drag aluminum housing. I was hoping they would do that.

I'll remember next time to make sure I rinse with fresh water and make sure my reel is 110% dry before I seperate the reel and cage after a day of fishing in salt,rivers,etc.

Now whats a good waterproofing grease for internal bearings like the Litespeed, or do I even need it?


Peter <><

PS, I suggested to the rep on the phone that people like me wouldn't mind spending the extra 50.00 or so to have the bearing-housing out of titanium or stainless steel to decrease chances of rusting,etc. She said that they have NO plans on doing that in the near future, and it would cost ALOT of money to make something like that happen. Oh well, it was worth a try...
Posted by: Homer2handed

Re: Litespeed 3 guts rusting? - 01/14/05 03:07 AM

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