Iceland fishing

Posted by: Carcassman

Iceland fishing - 09/14/18 01:35 AM

On a trip across the Pond. Fished a day on the River Holaa in Iceland with a guide. Mostly midge nymphs, fished upstream, with an indicator. One brown (15-16") and 9 Arctic Char (12-22"). Had both resident and anadromous char. The big one almost reached the backing twice. On a 5wt. When I get back, I'll try to post pictures.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 09/14/18 10:08 AM

Awesome! I have seen some awesome pics of Atlantics there, would love to fish them there!

Fish on...

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Re: Iceland fishing - 09/16/18 12:15 AM

It is spendy, as each river has permits plus licenses and such. I was fishing the "kiddie" fishery for small resident fish. Tiny being about 12", biggest 22" and we saw larger. The folks I went with. Go Fishing Iceland, do Atlantics as well as Sea Trout (anadromous Browns). They provide everything and it is a fun day. Somebody wanting to chase a variety of truly wild fish in nice setting could spend a week or so and get, I think, both resident and anadromous Browns and Arctics plus get into Atantics.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 09/17/18 09:15 PM

That sounds like a cool trip.
Iím looking forward to seeing some of your trip pictures.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 09/21/18 02:45 AM

Not as much as I would like. Almost all my fishing the last 5-6 years has been out of state/country. Spendy, but much better that I have found locally.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 09/26/18 08:04 AM

And the fishing is better and the food is better too.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 12/14/18 04:05 PM

Originally Posted By: Carcassman
And the fishing is better and the food is better too.
Did they dig up any traditional buried sheep heads for your dinner? Hope not!! A restaurant near the big church in Reykjavik had a whale dish on their menu when we visited. Full disclosure - I took a pass on that opportunity.
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Re: Iceland fishing - 12/14/18 05:28 PM

First place we stayed had lamb, beef, horse, and whale on the menu. Plus some duck the chef had shot. The lamb was really good.